We’re Off With a Bang: It’s the Politician Arrest of the Week!

There’s nothing like starting 2012 on the right foot. Let’s head to our nation’s capital where City Councilman Harry Thomas, Jr. has something more to worry about than his reelection campaign. In December, the FBI & IRS raided Mr. Thomas’ home and seized an SUV and a motorcycle. Those vehicles may be coming to an auction site near you.

Mr. Thomas has been charged with theft and filing false tax returns. He’s accused of taking $353,000 of funds from the District of Columbia. The charge says he “embezzled, stole, obtained by fraud, without authority knowingly converted to the use of a person not the rightful owner….” Additionally, he’s accused of filing a false tax return for not including the embezzled/stolen/fraud income on his tax return.

Finally, the government is asking for forfeiture of a 2008 Victory Motorcycle and a 2008 Chevy Tahoe.

Of course, Mr. Thomas is innocent until proven guilty. Still, it’s nice to see that our politicians may be hard at work…just not for us, but against us.

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