Just What You Need for the Holidays: The Wesley Snipes Jail Breaker App

The world of cellphones has changed markedly over the past 20 years. I remember my first cellphone: It was a carphone, and it must have weighed 15 pounds. The service on it wasn’t that great, but it was a necessary evil when moving between orange groves in the San Joaquin Valley.

Today, cellphones do just about everything. They have calculators, do email, browse the Internet, and even make phone calls. The iPhone store has thousands of apps, those wonderful add-ons that do just about everything. Android phones offer nearly as many apps.

There’s a website called appitalism.com, and they’ve decided to market a new app…the Wesley Snipes Jail Breaker App. From the Orlando Sentinel comes word of the new app. It’s a game where you would try to tap (or click) on $100 bills that appear on jailbars. The new app will be available for both the iPhone and Android phones.

And if Mr. Snipes endorses the new app, there’s a reward for him: $10,000. Of course, Mr. Snipes will owe tax on that but Appitalism.com promises to pay the tax, too. Neither Mr. Snipes nor his attorney have responded to the offer according to the Sentinel.

Meanwhile, Mr. Snipes is likely braving the snow and cold in the federal prison camp near Erie, Pennsylvania.


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