Wesley Snipes to Appeal to Supreme Court; Wants Bail

According to the BBC, actor Wesley Snipes has requested bail to be continued pending a further appeal of his convictions for income tax evasion. Judge William Terrell Hodges gave the Department of Justice until Tuesday to respond to Mr. Snipes’ request.

Very few tax cases are accepted by the Supreme Court; it is highly unlikely that the Supreme Court would elect to hear Mr. Snipes’ appeal. In my view Mr. Snipes is just prolonging the inevitable.

Still, I do agree with Mr. Snipes’ attorneys who stated in court filings,

Mr. Snipes has honored the court’s trust before, during trial, as well as pending sentencing and appeal…There is no reason to change the court’s judgment now. His ongoing and successful projects in the movie industry further ensure he would not consider fleeing.

Unfortunately for Mr. Snipes, I expect the DOJ to be less forgiving regarding bail.


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