Wellek Pleads Guilty, Admits Tax Evasions

In October I noted that Michael Wellek, the owner of three strip clubs in the Chicago area, would soon plead guilty to tax evasion. He did so last week.

Mr. Wellek admitted he didn’t file a tax return for years where he made more than $2 million. Of course, he made that in cash, and we all know that cash isn’t taxable unless you get caught, right? Well, no, all income is taxable, even cash.

Mr. Wellek also admitted he paid $2.3 million in cash to employees of his strip clubs and didn’t issue reports (either 1099s or W-2s). The report notes that Mr. Wellek plans on cooperating with the IRS. If you were one of his employees, I hope you included that cash on your tax return or you might be getting a knock on your door from the IRS.


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