We Won’t Have Jim Traficant to Kick Around

Well, Election Day has come and gone. Congressional races generally went to Republicans, and the GOP will be the majority party in the House next January. That means that John Boehner of Ohio will be the next Speaker.

Mr. Boehner had no trouble winning his district (he got over 65% of the vote). However, Jim Traficant will not be heading back to Congress. Mr. Traficant, who was convicted on tax and corruption charges a few years ago, lost his bid to be elected to Congress. He received just 16% of the vote in Ohio’s 17th District. The current Congressman, Tim Ryan, was reelected with nearly 54% of the vote.

It would have been fun for tax bloggers to have Mr. Traficant in Congress. Fortunately, Ohioans apparently were sane last night.


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