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Over the past few days there’s been plenty of good stuff in the tax blogosphere. Here are some highlights:

Joe Kristan wrote about William Benson. Mr. Benson wrote The Law That Never Was alleging that the 16th Amendment wasn’t ratified. He didn’t fare better with his appeal in an attempt to keep his tax reduction business alive. It’s as dead as the 16th Amendment is alive.

Mr. Kristan also wrote about yet another Renaissance, the Tax People, Inc. employee who will soon be residing at ClubFed. This time it’s the Tax Director, a definite misnomer for a business that practiced tax fraud.

It’s almost certain that 2010 will be the year of the Roth IRA Conversion. That said, Robert Flach has an excellent post about a pitfall that may hit some individuals who have IRAs with basis.

Strip clubs are a favorite of mine…er, that’s a favorite subject of mine when it comes to taxes. The TaxProf Blog reported on how the estate of a New York businessman was excused from paying $4 million in back taxes because the Mob thoroughly infiltrated the business.

Staying in the same area, the TaxGirl reported on a wise Madam who sent her help 1099-MISCs each year and paid her taxes. Yes, illegal income is taxable.

The Tax Lawyer’s Blog had 12 IRS Non-Filer Enforcement Stories. A couple of the stories highlighted had previously made Taxable Talk.

A busy week in the tax blogosphere as we head into the Christmas season. So whether you’re naughty or nice, remember to pay Uncle Sam.

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