Federal Tax Fraud: The Users Guide, Part 2

As a published author I know that finding the right title for a book can be a difficult task. My writing partner and I struggled with the title for our first book while for our second book we chose the title and then wrote the book.

Last November I detailed the indictment handed down to Bernard Bagdis and ten other individuals. Mr. Bagdis had allegedly boasted to IRS criminal investigators that he was going to write a new book called Federal Tax Fraud: The Users Guide. Mr. Bagdis may have a lot of time to work on his book—he faces 35 felony charges.

On Wednesday another individual was arrested allegedly because of this scheme. Wayne Bozeman, a West Chester, Pennsylvania attorney was charged with conspiracy to defraud the IRS and other related charges. The government alleges that Mr. Bozeman took money from a company he ran, deposited it into the account of another company he controlled, and then used the funds for personal expenses. The government alleges that Mr. Bozeman evaded $157,000 in tax on $830,000 of income.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bagdis and his alleged co-conspirators were also indicted on new charges yesterday. Mr. Bagdis is now alleged to have also prepared a false tax return for Mr. Bozeman.

Seven of the original ten co-conspirators have pleaded guilty and are cooperating with the government according to this story in the Philadelphia Daily News.
Peter Scuderi, Mr. Bagdis’ attorney, told the Daily News “My client’s position is he’s done nothing wrong. There’s a defense to everything.” Only time will tell what kind of an ending is written to Mr. Bagdis’ book.

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