The Last Western Tax Service Post…I Hope

Every time I think I can finally put to bed Western Tax Service I see yet another story on them. Yesterday, the only two individuals who went to trial as part of the Western Tax Service saga found out their fate. Kelly Agbonmoba David (aka David Kelly) and Anthony Stefani each received terms at ClubFed. Mr. David will spend 46 months while Mr. Stefani received 27 months.

Both individuals were tax preparers at Western Tax Service. Western, as I’ve written about before, was very successful. Indeed, they prepared 1146 returns in 1998 and 8645 returns in 2001. Of course, their methods—phony and false deductions—weren’t legal. And their fee structure was unique, too. The larger your refund, the larger their fee. Preparers at Western shared in the bounty; they received 15% commission on each return.

No matter who prepares your tax returns, remember that you are responsible for them. Always review your returns in case you find yourself in front of a bozo tax preparer. Luckily, these bozos won’t be preparing returns any time soon.

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