Never Too Old for Fraud

I am rarely surprised when I write about tax crime. I remember reading on Fark about a 91 year old bank robber with the headline never too old to steal. Today’s subject is a little younger, but still one of our senior citizens.

Well, let’s head to North Platte, Nebraska. Thomas Miller is a retired dentist in North Platte. He also has some annuities and pensions (which isn’t unusual). But his tax returns painted a somewhat different story.

According to this article, in 1998 he allegedly reported a tax loss of $1.6 million…but it should have been zero. In 1999, he reported a loss of $22,730 but he should have reported over $369,000 in pension and annuity income. He was indicted for this, and for reporting tax losses in 2001 and 2002 when the government believes that none should have been reported.

But it gets worse. Mr. Miller also faces charges of mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering and swindling for allegedly taking $1.3 million in investor’s money, putting it in accounts in Grenada, and then allegedly sending the money elsewhere overseas for his own use.

Mr. Miller pleaded guilty to two counts of tax fraud on September 4th. He still appears to be facing the other charges with a court date in October.

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