Will the IRS Re-Open Dinosaur Adventure Land?

Jo Hovind fared much better than her husband when she was sentenced last week for 45 tax related charges. Her husband, Kent Hovind, received ten years in prison. Mrs. Hovind was sentenced to one year and a day, and will begin serving her sentence on August 31st. Mrs. Hovind will likely appeal both the convictions and the sentence.

The government got some other items as part of the conviction. Judge Casey Rodgers ordered that the property owned by the Hovinds was forfeited to the government. That includes the now defunct Dinosaur Adventure Land. Will the government reopen it? Will it join other intriguing government owned properties such as the Mustang Ranch and the Bicycle Casino? (For the record, the government sold off the buildings and other physical assets of the Mustang Ranch. The Bicycle Casino was owned by the government for a few years but was sold to private owners.)

Judge Rodgers delivered the moral of the story: “No one can violate the law and then say that they were doing so for the will of God.”


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