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Corruption Alleged at Canada Revenue Agency

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

There may be some shenanigans happening north of the border. Canada’s Globe and Mail reports that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating officials at Canada Revenue Agency over a a $1 Million alleged kickback scheme. The allegations revolve around an accountant whose firms received a $10 million tax bill. CRA officials told the accountant that for just $1 million (and later, for $300,000) they could make the problem vanish.

The problems appear to be centered in Quebec, and involve the accounting, construction, and restaurant industries.

“The accused allegedly attempted to extort money from restaurant owners in exchange for lower income tax assessments,” the RCMP said in a news release…

“The RCMP investigation into these allegations of corruption within the Canada Revenue Agency was initiated in 2008 and is still ongoing,” the RCMP said. “More charges could be laid in this matter.”

This isn’t the first case of corruption within the CRA. Back in 2009 two CRA auditors were found to share a $1.7 Million bank account in the Bahamas with the owner of a Quebec construction firm.

HatTip: @GamingCounsel