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Things Could be Worse…

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

It’s a parody (of course), but it reminds us what confiscatory tax rates are like….

Hat Tip: AllahPundit (via HotAir)

Nevada Ups the Ante

Monday, April 10th, 2006

As I perused this morning’s Orange County Register, I was surprised to see the Nevada Development Authority advertising in the Register. You can find the ad on page 7 of the business section. It reads:

“California Business Profits After: Worker’s Comp, Business Taxes, High Power Bills, Anti-Business Legislation = [hand shown holding some peanuts]. 5 Ways to lower your nut. Eliminate personal income tax, axe corporate income tax, don’t pay inventory tax, lower workers’ comp costs, relocate to Las Vegas.”

A similar ad appears in today’s Los Angeles Times. The NDA’s website has links to some of their television commercials, which are quite humorous (and effective).

Meanwhile, in the “Am I Really This Stupid” side of the ledger, both the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce are supporting Proposition 82, the Mandatory Pre-School/Income Tax Increase, Help Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Denver Initiative. Showing some sanity, The California Chamber of Commerce opposes Proposition 82. If Las Vegas really wants to see an increase in business relocations, they should hope that Rob Reiner’s flawed initiative passes.