The IRS Is Broken, Example #786

We received a letter for a client from the IRS on the 2016 tax year in yesterday’s mail:

We made an error and sent you an interim letter for the tax period listed above.  Please disregard the letter 2645C that was sent you on Jan. 20, 2022.

We apologize for our error….

There’s only one problem: We never received the letter 2645C that the IRS references, so we have no idea what’s going on.  (Nor am I going to call the IRS up in the height of Tax Season about an erroneous letter right now and find out.)  My best guess is that this letter is, too, erroneous.

Imagine if you were a taxpayer who did not have representation and received this letter in the mail. You would undoubtedly call the IRS up and try to find out what’s going on (given you never received the first letter).  And you’d likely stump the IRS employee you speak with…that is, if you can beat the 3% odds of reaching a human.

Yes, the IRS is broken.

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