Individual Return Deadlines

UPDATE: Please see this post that has the final versions.

We prepare tax returns for individuals throughout the United States, so we have to keep track of the deadlines–and that’s a task right now. So we created a spreadsheet with the information so we can see this at a glance (there’s also a pdf version).

These may be of use to others, so we’re sharing them. We’re going to try to update this every Monday. Note that we believe the deadlines noted are accurate, but this is (obviously) a fast-changing situation. Deadlines that are before July 15th are in bold.

As of this morning, Arkansas, Hawaii, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Vermont have not extended their state deadlines.

UPDATE March 30th: Arkansas has extended its deadline to July 15th. The CARES act extended the first three quarters of federal estimated payments to October 15th. The CARES act extended just the first quarter estimated payment to July. I have updated the spreadsheet and pdf for these changes.


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