Nominations Due for 2016 Tax Offender of the Year

In a little less than a month it will be time to reveal this year’s winner of the prestigious “Tax Offender of the Year” award. Remember, To be considered for the Tax Offender of the Year award, the individual (or organization) must do more than cheat on his or her taxes. It has to be special; it really needs to be a Bozo-like action or actions. Here are the past lucky recipients:

2015: Kenneth Harycki
2014: Mauricio Warner
2013: U.S. Department of Justice
2012: Steven Martinez
2011: United States Congress
2010: Tony and Micaela Dutson
2009: Mark Anderson
2008: Robert Beale
2007: Gene Haas
2005: Sharon Lee Caulder


One Response to “Nominations Due for 2016 Tax Offender of the Year”

  1. Thomas Michaels says:

    Please consider Sreedhar Potarazu as your tax offender of the year. He certainly nailed the audition! I mean, he stole $31 million from the shareholders yet couldn’t be bothered to pay his payroll taxes? Clearly, he didn’t understand how the IRS works, or he didn’t care. One or the other…both bozoish.

    He also stole from our 401k plans, and owes 20+ former employees in the neighborhood of $750k in back wages. Yes, I worked for the man. He’s left quite a trail of wreckage in his wake….