Six Month Vacation Leads to Four and Eight Years at ClubFed

Everyone likes vacations. Last year, I went to New Zealand and Australia. Unfortunately, this year’s vacation wasn’t anything like that trip. An Oregon couple has learned that some vacations are better off not taken.

As I previously wrote, Ronald and Dorothea Joling decided after their conviction on tax charges to take a vacation to Arizona rather than show up for sentencing. The US Marshals Service apprehended the couple in Clarksdale, Arizona. On Thursday, Ronald Joling was sentenced to 97 months at ClubFed (eight years and one month) and Dorothea Joling received four years (48 months) at ClubFed. And there’s more! The Jolings are still waiting to be tried after being charged with filing retaliatory bogus liens against various federal judges, prosecutors, and the federal court clerk’s office.

Acting US Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams stated

This is an egregious case. Not only did the Jolings refuse to pay their fair share of taxes like the rest of us, they retaliated against federal employees who were just doing their jobs. After a jury convicted them at trial, they cowardly refused to show up for sentencing and fled the state. They were fugitives for six months, requiring additional resources to locate and arrest them in Arizona. They are now in custody and will serve their appropriately lengthy sentences.

You will have to wait another eighteen days to see if the Jolings’s actions are good enough to win the 2015 Tax Offender of the Year award.

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