I’m Sure Their Vacation in Arizona Will Impress the Sentencing Judge

Back in October 2014, Ronald and Dorothea Joling were convicted of tax evasion. As the US Department of Justice noted in the press release,

Evidence at trial detailed the Jolings’ illegal efforts over close to twenty years to keep the IRS and the Oregon Department of Revenue from collecting almost $2 million they owed in back taxes, penalties and interest. The Jolings’ efforts to thwart the IRS included their use of sham trusts, a corporation, sole bank accounts in the names of nominees, a warehouse bank, bogus money orders, bills of exchange, bonds, and filing false tax returns with the IRS. When those efforts failed, the Jolings resorted to intimidation tactics and threats. Witnesses testified that in response to attempts to collect taxes owed, the Jolings threatened them with arrest, criminal prosecution and lawsuits. In one instance, the Jolings took out a newspaper advertisement in the Coquille Valley Sentinel accusing a local government employee of malfeasance just for performing her job. The Jolings also filed retaliatory bogus liens against federal judges, the federal court clerk’s office, and federal prosecutors who were involved in the criminal case.

That’s bad enough, and US Attorney for the District of Oregon is absolutely right in stating, “When people like the Jolings refuse to pay their fair share, and then threaten, harass, and file liens against people who are just trying to do their jobs, my office will aggressively prosecute them and work with the IRS to hold them accountable.” But that’s just the first part of the story.

They were due to be sentenced this past April. However, they decided that retiring to Clarkdale, Arizona was a better choice than being sentenced for their crimes in Eugene, Oregon. The US Marshals Service caught them in Clarkdale.

Not only are the Jolings likely to face lengthy terms at ClubFed for their convictions on tax crimes (prosecutors were going to recommend ten years for Mr. Joling and five years for Mrs. Joling), they still face charges related to allegedly filing retaliatory liens.

The Jolings apparently believe they are sovereign citizens immune to federal taxation. Mr. Joling wanted to be on “biblical safe ground” (he was a pastor) so he didn’t pay taxes.

I’m sure the sentencing judge (Judge Ann Aiken who also presided over their first trial) will be impressed by their six month vacation and being subject to one of the alleged retaliatory liens. A helpful hint to anyone thinking of repeating the Jolings’ strategy: Just pay your taxes, and if you ever have a court date show up.

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  2. […] As I previously wrote, Ronald and Dorothea Joling decided after their conviction on tax charges to take a vacation to Arizona rather than show up for sentencing. The US Marshals Service apprehended the couple in Clarksdale, Arizona. On Thursday, Ronald Joling was sentenced to 97 months at ClubFed (eight years and one month) and Dorothea Joling received four years (48 months) at ClubFed. And there’s more! The Jolings are still waiting to be tried after being charged with filing retaliatory bogus liens against various federal judges, prosecutors, and the federal court clerk’s office. Acting US Attorney for Oregon Billy Williams stated, […]