Another Nothing to See Moment

Via the Washington Examiner comes a letter from 47 Inspector Generals writing about obstructionism done by the Obama Administration on their work.

Each of us strongly supports the principle that an inspector general must have complete, unfiltered, and timely access to all information and materials available to the agency that relate to that IG’s oversight activities, without unreasonable administrative burdens. The importance of this principle, which was codified by Congress in Section 6(a)(1) of the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended (the IG Act), cannot be overstated. Refusing, restricting, or delaying an IG’s access to documents leads to incomplete, inaccurate, or significantly delayed findings or recommendations, which in turn may prevent the agency from promptly correcting serious problems and deprive Congress of timely information regarding the agency’s performance.

If one considers that without TIGTA Inspector General J. Russell George’s report on the IRS scandal we’d still be thinking that the idea of targeting conservative organizations was laughable, the handcuffs on IG’s that are described in the letter (you can find the letter within the linked story) are unconscionable. It’s not as if there isn’t any government waste or improper targeting, right?

We’ll let Lt. Frank Drebin tell it like it isn’t:

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