“Just Pay the Five Dollars….”

That’s one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies, North by Northwest. In that classic movie, Cary Grant’s character gets drunk and, well, I’ll be giving away some of the movie if I went on. In any case, his mother (in the movie) says the line, in perfect comedic tempo, “Just pay the five dollars.” Since the Oscars are being televised as I write this a movie reference seems apropos.

Similarly, most tax evaders (and tax deniers) would find their lives far, far easier if they just paid the tax in the first place. One Massachusetts dentist is accused of a long-running scheme that allegedly used many of the normal tricks to avoid paying taxes.

George Fenzell is the accused dentist. He allegedly began, in 1999, to not pay taxes; he allegedly used nominees to conceal receipts. He supposedly comingled funds with others and made some nominees own his business (which, according to the indictment, Mr. Fenzell does own).

Back in 2007 the Massachusetts Department of Revenue was investigating; the indictment alleges that this caused Mr. Fenzell to file his 2000 through 2005 tax returns. Those returns showed tax due of $129,000 which had grown to over $300,000 when you factor in interest and penalties. Meanwhile, the IRS couldn’t collect; the indictment alleges he continued to use cash and nominees to evade the IRS.

Mr. Fenzell is looking at a lengthy stay at ClubFed if found guilty.

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