Last year I reported on the rather brazen scheme of some referees at New York’s Chelsea Piers. Instead of reporting their $40 income per game, they decided to commit identity theft and use false names for reporting their income. This isn’t the identity theft that normally makes the news–fraudsters using someone else’s identity to obtain a tax refund. Rather, this was a scheme to avoid paying taxes on income the referees clearly earned. And this wasn’t a one-time thing: The scheme ran for twelve years.

It was judgment day yesterday in Manhattan
. Peter Iulo was one of the individuals who committed the fouls, er, crimes. Besides his involvement with the referee scandal, he also elected to not file his own tax returns. That didn’t sit well with Judge Barbara Jones: He was sentenced to two years at ClubFed and must make restitution of $80,000. All told, the four individuals involved in the scheme must make restitution totaling $200,000. As always, it’s far, far easier to just pay the tax you owe…but that thought rarely occurs to the Bozo mind.