IRS CAF Unit Fax Numbers Have Changed

The IRS is implementing an inbound efax system. Because of this, the CAF Unit (Centralized Authorization Files) fax numbers have changed. For non-tax professionals, the CAF Unit handles IRS Power of Attorney and Tax Information Authorization forms.

For tax professionals, you can see the changes here. The old fax numbers will still work through the rest of 2012. The new numbers (which are toll-free numbers) are:

Ogden CAF Unit Fax Number: (855) 214-7522
Memphis CAF Unit Fax Number: (855) 214-7519

3 Responses to “IRS CAF Unit Fax Numbers Have Changed”

  1. Pat Pepe CPA says:

    Have been trying to fax Forms 2848 to Memphis Tel # 855-214-7519 for over
    a week now. The first page goes through, but soon thereafter I get a notice
    that there is a “poor line condition” and the transmission of the documents
    stops. I have faxed copies of other documents to clients and they receive them
    so the problem is NOT with my fax machine. Help, Please !!

    • Russ says:

      I don’t have a good solution for you. You have the right number. You might try another fax machine (for sending). I haven’t faxed anything to Memphis this week, but I have sent stuff to Ogden without a problem.

      You can mail the 2848 to Memphis, too.

  2. Russ says:

    The CAF unit faxes are down until the government shutdown ends.