Your Tax Dollars NOT at Work: 293 Ultra Low Mileage Priuses in Miami

My partner, Aaron, has a Toyota Prius (actually, two of them, if you count his wife’s car). I like the car a lot, and I’m certain Aaron won’t misplace his car. Aaron, though, does not manage the vehicle fleet of Miami-Dade County (Florida). That city/county managed to “misplace” 293 Toyota Priuses.

A television station in Miami, Channel 41, spent eight months investigating and found the cars in a parking garage in Miami. This news report stated the cars were “rusty.” I can’t imagine having the cars sit in a garage for four years could do them any good. An auto blog speculates that this relates to the previous Mayor, Carlos Alvarez. (He was recalled in 2011.)

The good news is that 123 (or 135) of the Priuses are now in use. That only leaves 170 (or 158) left to go!

Hat Tip: Instapundit


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