Franchise Tax Board v. Hyatt to be Argued on May 7th

The oral arguments in the appeal by California’s Franchise tax Board in Gilbert Hyatt’s lawsuit against the Board will be heard on May 7th in Carson City by the Nevada Supreme Court. The FTB is appealing the nearly $500 million judgment that was levied against them in February 2009. The case itself was filed in 1998, but took a circuitous path to trial in Las Vegas: It first went to the US Supreme Court as the Franchise Tax Board argued it was immune from being sued. The FTB lost that argument unanimously in 2003, and then lost the case in 2009.

The good news is that a decision in the case will likely come this summer or fall. The bad news is the oral arguments will be heard in Carson City so I can’t attend. Hopefully there will be news stories on the hearing (I’ll pass those on).


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