I Was #254

Investors Business Daily has an article today on the Sick Man of America: California:

In 2011, more businesses (254) quit California than the year before (202), which was a high-water mark over 2009 (51). Last year, roughly five businesses left in any given week, one more than left in each week of 2010 when the average was 3.9.

Well, as one of those 254 businesses that fled the Bronze Golden State, I can say that Nevada has been a wonderful change. California may have a far better meteorological climate but from a business standpoint Nevada is far, far better.

What does California need to do to improve its business climate? Cut regulations, cut taxes, cut the pervasiveness of government. What are Governor Jerry Brown and the Democrats in Sacramento proposing? More taxes, more regulations, more of the same.

I’ll take the over on 254 for 2012.

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