Another California Tax Preparer Ignores Her Continuing Education

I say that because of news that comes from the small (California) Central Valley town of Livingston. The Department of Justice announced that Nohemi Villarreal Noriega of Patterson has been arrested on charges of tax evasion and structuring. Ms. Noriega is accused of not paying her own taxes of $167,000 from 2006 – 2008. But there’s more:

In addition, the indictment charges that Noriega structured more than $1 million of withdrawals from her bank accounts in amounts designed to avoid filing Currency Transactions Reports, which might have disclosed her unreported income.

Note that all California tax preparers have to be registered with CTEC (or be a CPA, EA, or attorney). Registration and continuing education didn’t stop Ms. Noriega from allegedly violating two laws nor did it stop Ms. King (a post from earlier this week). Having all tax professionals register with the IRS won’t change things…but it will establish another bureaucracy in Washington.

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