When Your Computer Takes the Day Off

Last Sunday, my computer decided that it wanted to take a vacation. Now, I believe there’s a religion where mechanical devices have souls (Shintoism?), but I don’t believe that. But try as I might my computer had enough of me.

It crashed.

Luckily, I learned the lesson of backing up data years ago. Not only did I have backups (in multiple places), but I’ve restored files off of them. That’s an important part of backing up your work–making sure you can restore your files. Otherwise, what’s the point of backing up your data?

As it turns out, my computer’s “illness” lasted about three days. That wasn’t the end of the world (thank goodness this isn’t early April or October), but it was an annoyance.

The reason I bring this up is that I’ve seen many clients who do not back up their computer’s data, and who have never tried to restore from their backups. My corollary to Murphy’s Law is that your computer will die at the least opportune moment. Thankfully for me, that didn’t happen this time. I hope that will also be the case for you.


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