Russ’ PTIN Adventure, Part 2

This morning, I attempted again to re-register my PTIN. I used an email address that didn’t go through my server and, voila, success. I was able to re-enter all my information (except for my PTIN) on the IRS PTIN registration page, the IRS system found my existing PTIN, and for $64.25 I am now re-registered through 2011.

My IRS liaison told me that others were having problems with the emails yesterday, so it could have been my server or it could have been an IRS issue.

As for getting $50 of value from this process, that remains to be seen.


One Response to “Russ’ PTIN Adventure, Part 2”

  1. RF-

    I give up!

    No matter how I attempt to configure my address I am continually told that my information does not match.

    I will submit a paper application.

    The Other RF