A Companion to Tax Trouble

After ranting on health care, it’s time for the lighter side of taxes. That means a visit to that old standby, the escort service, where tax trouble is apparently second nature.

Let’s head to Salt Lake City where companionship appeared to have problems. Jodi Hoskins and her then husband, Roy Hoskins, ran an escort service to help with those issues. Companions was its name, and it did quite well. However, you wouldn’t know it if you looked at the Hoskins’ tax return.

They reported income of just over $70,000 in 2002. Their math skills, though, weren’t as good as their ability to live quite well. It seems that they understated their income by just a bit. The actual gross receipts in 2002 were $1,204,354 higher than what they claimed on their return. A “missed it by that much” moment to be sure. That’s an understatement of $485,443 in tax.

Unfortunately for the Hoskinses, the IRS and the Department of Justice discovered the evasion. Roy Hoskins pleaded guilty earlier this year; he’ll be sentenced on April 15th (how appropriate). Last week, Jodi Hoskins was found guilty of one count of tax evasion. Besides the restitution that will undoubtedly be ordered Ms. Hoskins is likely looking at a visit to ClubFed.

So if you run an escort service, be mindful that the IRS is well aware that it’s a cash business. Just report the cash, pay your tax, and live a somewhat less lavish lifestyle.


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