Troubles in the Land of Lincoln

I’m a native of Illinois, and most of my relatives still reside there. Unfortunately, the home of the Cubs is having a multitude of tax troubles.

First, unemployment in the state is now over 11 percent (11.1% to be exact). Fewer people working leads to less tax collected.

Second, Illinois has changed how property taxes are collected. The first installment is due on March 2, but it’s not 50% of the tax. It’s now 55% of the tax (with 45% due late in 2010) thanks to a change in Illinois law. It’s a way for local government to make money off of our money instead of us having it to live off of.

Of course, politicians in Illinois are scrupulously honest, forthright, and have never ever been known to lie, cheat, or steal, right? Oh yes, the trial of disgraced former governor Rod Blagojevich will be late this summer.

One Response to “Troubles in the Land of Lincoln”

  1. Greg says:

    That change was announced months ago……

    Oh, and Illinois politicians have nothing on Daley and his cadre. Mike Royko suggested years ago that the city should change its motto from the Latin Urbs in Horto – meaning ‘urban garden’ to Ubi Est Mea – ‘where’s mine?’ It’s still true today….