Iowa House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (D-Des Moines) is proposing legislation to allow large poker tournaments in ballrooms at the state’s 17 licensed casinos. Given my vocation and avocation I’m always happy to see an expansion of poker in the United States. But the cynic in me did have to wonder if this was done for helping poker or for some other reason.

The cynic in me was correct. Mr. McCarthy is looking at ways of increasing tax revenues to help Iowa’s budget situation. Mr. McCarthy said, “We’re looking at ways that would be win-win for the institutions, the communities and the state.” I’ll translate that: We’re looking at a way of increasing tax revenues. Since I can’t add video poker terminals (that was voted down by the Iowa legislature) this looks like a way I can increase revenues so I can spend more money.

Perhaps I am just a little too cynical about Mr. McCarthy’s motives. However, this appears to be yet another case where the cynics are right.