Good Summary of Hyatt Case

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has published an excellent summary of the Gilbert Hyatt case and judgments.

Mark Hutchison, Mr. Hyatt’s lead attorney, believes that the Franchise Tax Board will appeal the case. (I agree with him that the case will be appealed.) He’s quoted by the Review-Journal,

[The verdict] sends a clear message that government abuse and over-reaching will not be tolerated by Nevada citizens…I think the message is: If you are going to audit Nevada residents, you had better do so in a fair and impartial manner and not be results-oriented in seeking to grab money from Nevada residents.

Mr. Hyatt was also interviewed by the Review-Journal, and noted that the FTB’s original claim against him (that he was a California resident beyond September 1991) will be reviewed by the California Board of Equalization within two years.

My thanks to reader Darren Hankel to alerting me to this article.


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