Hatch Appeals to the Supreme Court

Richard Hatch has appealed his guilty verdict to the US Supreme Court. Hatch’s attorney told the Associated Press, “He’s extremely optimistic about his appeal…He still believes the system should work.” Hatch is appealing alleging that the judge improperly limited his testimony and that the judge unfairly limited his cross-examination of the accountant who prepared his tax returns.

The Court of Appeals rejected Hatch’s appeal earlier this year. Indeed, the Court of Appeals summarily rejected each argument that Hatch is now making, noting, “Here, the district court’s limitations on cross-examination in this nine-day trial were thoughtful and far from being excessive” and

The court thus opened the door for defense counsel to ask Hatch whether Burnett or someone else at SEG had promised to pay the taxes on the money he won. Hatch’s counsel, however, did not follow up with questions of this sort.

Like Mr. Hatch and his attorney, I believe that the system should work. Unlike Mr. Hatch and his attorney, I think it has.


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