Sacked in Tennessee?

When you run for Congress, strange things can happen. Consider this story from Knoxville, home of the University of Tennessee. Heath Shuler is a famous former quarterback for the Volunteers. His NFL career wasn’t lengthy, but he did earn a nice signing bonus. He and his brother formed Heath Shuler Real Estate (HSRE), and they later sold most of their interest in the business. Shuler is running for Congress. And so the story might have gone, but…

…And it’s a big but. The Associated Press happened to find out that HSRE has been “chronically late” in paying its taxes. In fact, they just made a $69,000 late payment. Mr. Shuler, according to the story, is planning on filing a lawsuit to have his name taken off the name of HSRE. I’m not sure how this will be taken in Tennessee politics, but I’m sure he wishes that this story broke in December rather than September.

One Response to “Sacked in Tennessee?”

  1. JDFlanagan says:

    Heath Shuler is actually running for Congress in North Carolina, in the 11th District. Apparently, his opponent has also had some problems with real estate taxes, if this article is correct.