When Will They Learn?

In last November’s election, voters roundly rejected a proposed light rail system here in Orange County. The CenterLine system would have linked Irvine, John Wayne (Orange County) Airport, and South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa.

It’s back. But only here in Irvine.

Last week, the Irvine City Council approved spending $5.6 million on studying an Irvine mass transit system. The proposed system would run 5.5 miles, exclusively in Irvine.

Apparently, the members of the council have not been listening to the voters—the same voters who keep rejecting light rail systems. It’s unfortunate that the $5.6 million has been approved (and will be spent); it’s a certainty that yet another ballot measure will happen and the voters of Irvine will, for the fourth time (I believe) say nyet to rail transit.

News Story: Los Angeles Times

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