Throwing Out the Trash

Over ten years ago, in the nearby City of Orange, a trash magnate was born. His name was Jeffrey Hambarian, and he was a hometown hero.

Mr. Hambarian had an interesting method of operating his business. He told his vendors that they had to make phony invoices and/or pad legitimate ones, and funnel most of the phony profits to him. He then laundered the ill-gotten gains through check cashing outlets.

This scam continued for some time, until an accountant noticed a problem during an audit. The accountant told the city, there was an investigation, and eventually Mr. Hambarian found himself convicted of 47 counts including grand theft and filing false income tax returns.

On Friday he was sentenced to 15 years in state prison and to pay $12 million in restitution. While his attorney complained that, “I don’t know what warehousing him in a state prison would do,” a prosecutor noted that, “…these are serious crimes.” Usually, those found guilty of 47 felonies find themselves behind bars.

News Story: Los Angeles Times

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