Why This Blog

After reading Hugh Hewitt’s Blog, starting a blog for Clayton Financial and Tax became a necessity, not a project for “tomorrow” (whenever that is). There are already some excellent blogs covering taxes (see the blogroll on the right–if yours isn’t included, email me a link and I’ll add it on), but only the Leonard Letter looks at taxes from a California perspective. My goal is to focus on taxes and how they impact what we, as citizens and taxpayers, get to keep in our pockets.

Inevitably, this means that I have to look at the politics behind taxes. An example is a proposal currently in front of the city council of Los Angeles which would increase the sales tax from 8.25% to 8.75% (the proposal failed to make it on the ballot by one vote). If this proposal were to pass, then business would increase in nearby cities (e.g. Burbank) because prices would be less expensive than in North Hollywood (part of the City of Los Angeles). That’s a positive for Burbank, but a negative for Los Angeles. Additionally, if prices increase in Los Angeles (they would), then sales will decrease.

I’ll also be looking at humorous tax events. Tax cheats, tax evaders, and humorous taxes are all fair game. And if I get wind of a politician saying things like Linda Stubbs of Middleton, Ohio, you will hear about it.

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